Awoken: Twilight with Cthulu

If you follow Lindsay Ellis/Nostalgia Chick on the website That Guy With the Glasses, you will see that she’s working on a project called 50 Shades of Green. Recently she put a call out for cover art, and this was my submission.

The premise of 50 Shades of Green is to create a teen paranormal romance novel (which they centered on Cthulu) along the lines of Twilight, and have it published and marketed like one. The cover art had to be stereotypical of Teen/YA novels in the market now. I tried to emphasize the romance, and added the tentacle for a little bit of creepiness.

It’s ultimately up to Lindsay & her team (and all the people watching/participating in this project) to decide what the art will be; unfortunately my submission didn’t make the cut.

Seems like a lot of being an illustrator is sending out art, hoping for the best, and seeing rejection a lot; I guess the trick is to keep moving forward, until you finally find the person who says “yes”.

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