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I made an interesting doodle/practice page today, so I thought I would share it with the world.

I’ve gone through certain phases in my art- one phase was outlining everything with pen and ink. I wasn’t very experienced with it though, so the lines ended up being the same width. So today I wanted to practice varying my line widths, as shown by the circles and the yellow monarch butterfly.

Second phase I went through was using Tombow dual brush pens. I have a whole bagful of various colors, but they’ve fallen a bit to the wayside after I picked up watercolors. Recently though, I’ve been watching Youtube tutorials showing different techniques, especially blending, so I might start using some again.

Unfortunate discovery today- the ink I used, Yatsumoto sumi ink, can still run after you lay it down on the page, as evidenced by the gray wash in the middle left of the page. Using the Tombow markers can also cause them to run a bit, as there are some dark smudges on the butterfly’s wing.

A question to readers- what kind of black ink do you like to use? Besides the sumi ink, I’ve also got some Windsor-Newton black calligraphy ink, which flows nicely but isn’t the richest black I’ve seen, especially if it gets watered down. Feel free to comment on your preferred ink.

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  1. chris koehler
    Posted June 9, 2013 at 10:30 PM | Permalink

    i only use two inks now. For fast drying work i use Black Star Matte, easily the flattest blackest ink I’ve ever found. For slower work I use ultradraw. It has a bit of a shellac to it, but it has a loooong open time and really good fluidity.

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