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New Layout!

In case you haven’t noticed, but Maria Leung Illustration has a new layout! Not only that, but a new gallery featuring some rotoscope frames has been added! Take your time to really look around. It took about a month to complete; my coding skills were a little rusty, so a little re-learning happened concurrently to […]

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DIY Watercolor Block Tutorial

Recently I saw online that it’s possible to create your own watercolor blocks. I gave it a try myself, and found that it was indeed possible! So here is an easy to follow tutorial (with photos) so you can make your own!

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Hello everyone! After a long absence from this website/blog, I am back! Why was I gone so long? It’s a long story…

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Awoken: Twilight with Cthulu

If you follow Lindsay Ellis/Nostalgia Chick on the website That Guy With the Glasses, you will see that she’s working on a project called 50 Shades of Green. Recently she put a call out for cover art, and this was my submission.

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Cherry Blossom Festival

It’s been a while, but here is another comic diary from a day in my life.

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At my graduation ceremony in May, my boyfriend gave me a bouquet of carnations. It was the first time I got a bouquet, so it was very special to me.

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Doodle Page

I made an interesting doodle/practice page today, so I thought I would share it with the world.

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Asian Stereotypes: The Other Possible Thesis

Last summer, as I was thinking about what to do for my upcoming Thesis, I came up with two ideas that I felt passionate would work. One was about the history of vampires, which I had originally submitted to Bob in the spring and got an approval. The other idea I had was about stereotypes […]

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A Special Christmas Post, AKA What I Learned From Thesis

A few days late for this, but Merry Christmas, everyone! I have a special present to all of my dear readers. Now that Thesis is over, I have learned some important lessons. So my gift to all of you, especially future Illustration Thesis students, is sharing what I’ve learned. As a foreword- do as I […]

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